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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Topic: Gargoyles & 90's Television

I've gone about watching some of my favourite shows back when I was but a wee' lad. Most are from the 90's like batman,spiderman, beasties and so on. One thing I realize was the amount of complexity I recognized back then but never really understood as a kid. An example is an episode from spiderman when he lost his memories and it takes a fan of his, whom he visited earlier, to rescue him. As a kid, once the smart quips and fights were done I faded interest, wasn't until the end when spidey gives himself a pat on the back and leaves the little girls house that the camera zooms out and reads 'home of the severely ill' or something like that which implied she was dying the whole time(wonder if that would've traumatized me back then).

But I degrees, its just that after watching these shows for a while I soon compared them to the stuff on television now. Comparing the 90's Batman to The Batman is like comparing Keith Ledger to the guy from Honey I Shrunk the Kids. But its not like I'm going to rant about 'all the trash on television these days'. I'm neither old enough or caring enough to do that. Of course there's crap on television, its television. What medium doesn't have trash coming out the wazoo. Its the few gems that make it worth the while. Such is the case with movies, comics, manags, and so on. For all I know I probably just can't find those diamonds in the rough.

But let me transition in to Gargoyles. This show captured my interest ten years ago and again a few weeks ago. I'm no where near half way done the series from what I can see. But any show that can convert various mythologies like, mount Olympus, King Arthur and Excalibur, Native American and Native Australian myths and legends, Odin, and even Anubis in to a coherent plot is definitely timeless (I left out Anansi for the sole reason that he's a trickster not a freaking filler villain). And I'm not the only one who agrees as this show, apparently, had yearly conventions in the states which only stopped a year or two ago. The writer for the show, and a few others involved with it, still portray interest and commitment to both this awesome show and its fans.

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