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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Furuya Usamaru's "Genkaku Picasso" Manga Review and TCAF

Usumaru's Picasso is anything but boring or predictable. This is the kind of manga I like to read. An unbelievable yet enjoyable premise, amazing art work, interesting enough characters, and a general appeal I feel for the story. It's only misdemeanor is that it seems more fit for a one shot than a serialization, but if the author can keep it original and compelling, more power to him. This is the story about a a middle school kids second chance at life, at the wish of his friend to Buddha he was able to continue living. But at a price, through his art he must save people from any darkness or heavy burden they have. Thus the appeal, a story about literally touching a person's heart through the characters art. And the person who came up with such a tale will be at this years TCAF.

What is TCAF you may ask? Well obviously if your reading this and never heard of Toronto's Comic Arts Festival you haven't truly walked down the honorable path of the Blaku. But seriously, it's essentially a celebration of the art medium we call comics. There you can meet the artists, as well as other like minded people, check out the events and exhibits. It's had many writers over the years and from what I've read its only getting bigger. I've seen both Mariko Tamaki and Bryan Lee O'Malley, and briefly went to the event in which they spoke about free speech within comics. If you enjoy the art of comics, especially its other genre's not delving in to super heroes, this is the place for you.


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