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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Random Manga Review #2: Bambino

Once again I haven't done much in terms of quantity, I just hope it means I've been leaning towards quality. Maybe posting more often should be my new years resolution........and that'll happen as soon as world peace is worked out and FOX & BET goes off the air with a live apology by its C.E.O's right when they commit Japanese ritual suicide.

But enough of that though because I've found another diamond in the rough. As I said before, for these reviews I'd either choose a manga I've read recently or one I've picked up randomly. And this is pretty random as I continued second guessing myself for picking it up as I read through the description (which contained the words "cooking" and "manga"), but I'm a sucker for a slice of life story. Here you have the protagonist, Ban, finally taking a serious try at the culinary arts at a fancy Italian restaurant deep in the city and away from his small town. Of course he's had experience at his sensei's shop, but nothing can prepare him for the gruelling reality that awaits him. Don't worry, this is basically the first couple of chapters, not too far in to reading this and you'll see this little bambino (a nickname he got that refers to his apparent lack of skills) grow as both a chef and as an adult. The main gist of this story is to be a personal one as he goes from country hick to gifted chef. You'll find this story contains a dopple ganger of sorts mirroring his ambitions, the classic perverted sensei but with a mature twist, and true to life love problems. Believe me when I say that this story is so good in its portrayal of life and the pursuit of a dream that its almost palpable. Once again I hope you enjoy.

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