Pure, unadulterated geekery.
Everything from obscure cult films to our random thoughts on Toronto culture/events is what you'll find here.

About Da Blog

Basically this is a blog a friend and I decided to make with our mutual interests, as well as free time, to post about various topics. Such as manga, television, movies, Japanese culture, and so on. But I doubt we'll be restricting ourselves that much. Essentially this was a personal and creative challenge we both took on, but I like to think it'll become much more than that soon enough. So sit down, relax, and prepare to be blasted with a hit of Toronto's geek culture from a black perspective.

About ourselves:

Lus-tor-rak: As I enjoy a level of anonymity where I can keep it, this will be short and sweet. I've lived in Toronto my whole life with few ventures in to the rest of the world. As you can guess I'm a bit of a geek, whether the topic is games or comics I'll probably be included. I'll be the movie and perhaps comic fanatic on this blog, sharing geeky cheer to all (so much for short and sweet).

Shinji: There is so much and so little I could possibly say about myself here. Much like lus-tor-rak, I’m a black kid from Toronto who indulges in geekery and defies stereotypes. I read a lot: novels, comic books, manga, penthouse magazine. I’m a gamer of some sort, and enjoy drawing and writing. At some point, I’d like to be able to say my blog posts are coming straight from Japan.