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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Apple is ROTTEN (how punny!)

Well, I would be lying if I didn’t say that a post was overdue. I guess you can say that posting more frequently is my resolution for 2011 (laughs).

Apple products give me a headache, yet I still chose to use them. I guess you can say that I have a love/hate relationship with them. That being said, when I found out there was a new iPod touch, I was kind of excited. Retina display, 2 cameras and of course, hundreds of apps…I was prepared to ask my mother to buy one for my Christmas gift, so I checked Apple’s website—and that’s when my complaints started to arise.

The first thing I noticed was the fact that Apple blatantly left out the 16GB iPod touch. There are so many reasons why this is wrong. For starters, the entire reason to buy an iPod touch would be to listen to music, and use apps. Most people have at least 8 gigs of music that they would want to put on an mp3 player, and obviously, the apps take up enough room. A 16GB iPod touch is the only way to go, for the sake of using half the space for music, and the other half for applications. Buying a 32GB would be a waste of money just because it would be a lot of space that I have no need for. -_- Rather than getting rid of the 16GB model, they should have gotten rid of the 8GB.

The second (and most irksome!) thing I noticed was the price. For starters, the 8GB was set at a price that anyone would deem more appropriate for a 16GB model ($249). The next size up, (32GB) was set at $319. For a joke, I checked the US Apple store website and to my disgust, I saw that as usual, American pricing is way cheaper.

There really isn’t a good excuse for the ridiculous difference between the pricing, as right now, the CAD is above (or perhaps by the time I post this, it will have dropped to on par) the USD. And of course, the US Apple store will not ship to Canada, the bastards. =_=

So I guess my only options are:

  1. To boycott Apple Canada, and only buy Apple products when I visit the States
  2. To boycott Apple entirely, and not buy anything from them ever again
  3. To keep complaining about it.

I think the decision is clear.

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