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Monday, May 9, 2011

Comic Book Blockbusters

The ill fated summer of blockbusters is here, and as shown at such events as Comic-Con and the like, an entire parade of hero movies lye in wait as Marvel (Disney) joins the rat race with DC (Warner Bros.). Here's a little run down for up coming anime and comic movies : The Goon, Ghost in the Shell, Fathom, Cowboy Bepop, Conan, Tin Tin, Cowboy's and Aliens, Captain America, The Avengers, Green Lantern, and X-Men First Class. Suffice it to say the more main stream stories, and even some obscure series, have gone through the medium change digestion and we'll soon be seeing both live action and animated adaptations of comics & manga's coming out of the wazoo. Though not all the mentioned series above, such as The Avengers, will be coming out this year. Though there has already been talk of making a marvel cinema universe or continuity (so hopefully Spiderman 3 will stay an isolated incident) in which the following movies such as Thor and Captain America will all lead up to one super block buster. Here's a small take on both the trailers of these upcoming films, released facts and tid bits on them, and lastly how I see their original story will be translated on to the big screen.

Green Lantern: I'm going to start with this as it was the first comic book I've ever read, so I have much nostalgic love for the series, even though I may have stopped reading it. This movie will be starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, not too particular on this casting choice but if anything he'll be able to pull off the cocky test pilot that is Hal Jordan. But basing the movie on the trailer, this doesn't look like it will be a disappointment. I say this not only because the original story of Hal Jordan was amazing and enjoyable in its simplicity. Alien crashes, lantern ring calls Jordan, Jordan gains power. With this as the base for the story I don't really see how they could mess up the film in reference to the story, the characters are another thing but if trailer does the film justice I can't wait.

Captain America: Ah yes the original avenger, a film that'll undoubtedly affect the planned Avengers film. But this may hold the movie back as they now have to consider another movies plot and story direction, both of which haven't even been completed, and may interrupt the films flow.

X-Men First Class: Now, from what I gathered in the trailer this is meant to be a pre-quell from X-Men 1 & 2. Of course discounting Origins in which Wolverine already met the future X-Men and brotherhood, and where Emma Frosts twin sister was Logan's Girlfriend. But the first two X-men were truly enjoyable(discounting the Last Stand for a reason) and they may actually do the brand justice in the film portraying a young Magneto and Prof. X.

Cowboys & Aliens: Definitely on my to-watch-list. For the single reason I think it may turn out better than the original comic it was based on. Why do I say this? Because the trailer seemed much more interesting than the comic. At the beginning of the comic it had a comparative narration between the early settlers of America with evil aliens possibly obsessed with expanding over the universe, which I found interesting but was later became too preachy. As a short work the comic was ok, and I hopefully will become a more interesting story in cinema format.

The Goon: One part occultish and two parts brawls, there's nothing to say for this series except read it, watch it, and please for the love of God never imitate its character. (Knife in eye) The Goon is an interesting read for something that first seemed slightly done at the beginning. But the characters are funny, the plot interesting enough to read on, and one very enticing trailer makes it almost impossible to miss the movie.

Thor: At times Thor seems like both an under rated and over rated character at the same time. As a stand alone character, within the story of Asgard and other Norse mythology he is truly a compelling character if used right. Now I actually just saw this film, don't worry no spoilers, and it was way better than what I expected. A bit of humor here and there while having a story based on both Marvels adaptation of Thor (such as Jane Foster) and Thor's Scandinavian heritage. The film was centered around Thor's growth as he became a pretentious child to a true hero and, hopefully later, a worthy king.

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