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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pirates of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides Review (Minor Spoilers)

If you enjoyed the last three films of Pirates of The Caribbean mainly for its compelling plot, the relationships between characters, and the way the sub-plots seemed to merge so well in to the main story than you might want to skip the fourth installment of this franchise.

In this fourth film there are only three or four characters from the past three films (counting the monkey) and a few new characters who introduced in the film. Now this isn't reall the issue I have with this movie, in fact its natural for any continuing franchise to add new characters in order for it to grow and stay fresh, its just how they went about it. I'm mainly referring to the introduction of Angelica, one of Jack's many love conquests from the past but with a small twist, he apparently had genuine feelings for her. Throughout the film they got nostalgic time and time again, digging up old times so many times that I was beginning to think she was some minor character from the other films I had forgotten about. I only see more character issues will arise from Angelica in any following films as the studio has expressed interest in making a Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and 6.

I'm going to avoid the Spaniards in this review, a.k.a Deus Ex Machina, as they only appeared in four short moments in the film.  I'll now turn my attention to the films initial plot and story. A task that would be easier if the two didn't disappear from time to time throughout the film, or had not become too convoluted. Which is a shame as the other films handled multiple sub-plots and intertwining personal stories so well. Such as the third movies main plot being the end of the pirate age and a desperate struggle to keep it going but within this story you had; Davey Jones being controlled and was trying to release himself, Jack was dead and his friends were trying to revive him, Will was on the Dutchman and was trying to help his father, the Pirate Lords were coming together, and so on and so forth. The difference is that the first through third films didn't make the viewers feel like the action was being shoved down their throats. But there is given consideration as the third movie was a two parter and was a continuation of the second movie. I would rather have seen this franchise stay as a trilogy, but that isn't too say that this movie wasn't completely void of merit, mere enjoyment, and Jack (I mean Captain) Sparrow's brand of humor. An ok movie over all, especially considering the incredible amount it could've really been ruined, but doesn't really stand up to the other films level.

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  1. This movie pales in comparison to the first. It is not as good as the second or third either. It is bad enough that I actually had to stop watching it and take a break. It just seems cheesy to the point of being stupid. There are a few scenes that make it watchable though. The mermaid scene is really cool and reminds me of the quality of the first movie alot.