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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scott Pilgrim and Other Source Based Movies (One Of Many Rants to Come)

I have just finished watching "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World"......Here is a sum of what I feel in the form of advice, if you've ever read the comic don't watch it, if you never knew this was a comic in the first place go ahead and enjoy yourself. Why would I say this? Because people that are un-aware of Scott Pilgrims origin, or other comic turned movie, wouldn't be sitting through a one and a half hour ‘ok’ movie almost sub-consciously comparing it to its predecessor the whole time. I’m not saying that such movies as Iron Man or Spiderman 1 were horrible. But take any long running series of any medium in to a one hour block buster and you've accomplished nothing but stripping it of what made it special in order to cater to the masses that are ignorant of what it once was.

Just look at Constantine the movie, Keanu Reeve's makes Constantine seem like someone I'd enjoy hanging out with, a gruff but misunderstood fellow who, at the end, fights for what’s good. His comic counterpart on the other hand, I would sooner beat the ever loving crap out of and ask his best mate why he's still with someone who could easily be the single reason why his life sucks even more that it already does. Most source related movies are usually no where near as good as the source there ripping off. I'm sure there are some that prove this wrong, but over all there all a disappointment in some way. Source based films are now expected to be failures, the proof of this is that cringing knee jerk reaction people get whenever I mention The Warriors is going to be re-made and Akira is soon to be a live action movie. Even worse than basing a movie off of a best selling novel and known comics, is past movies. Re-makes are rarely good, there’s Toy Story 3 and then there’s Punisher: Warzone. Now, I like Disturbia which was said to be strongly based on Rear View Window, but their isn't a Hitchcock fan out their who'd say Disturbia was better.

Which is a major problem, rarely do I see a remake trying to be better than the original. I don’t expect much from Hollywood anymore but, as most geeks, when I hear JLA the movie I get a little excited than I get small flashbacks of Dragonball Evolution and Punisher. In short, if your more of a main stream blockbuster movie goer, go ahead and indulge. But if your like me and enjoy The Warriors and Akira as they were, save the 11.50 and do what I do, sneak in for the first five minutes and ask for a refund.

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