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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Movie Pick: Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

'Brief Interviews with Hideous Men'. This movie is amazing, and I'm a hard person to please. In a brief summary its about a woman's quest to understand man in a post-feminist society, and perhaps to understand her own relationships with the men in her life. I know, sounds like a chick flick but this movie is an interesting view for both genders. Through this movie the main character acts as an interviewer but barely speaks in the film, appearing as an unknown observer trying to peek in to a man's mind. Which seems to be filled with sexual advances and conquests, false understanding of women, obsessive fetishes, shock value ideas, and so on. But going back to the film as a whole, it almost feels to mashed up to be good. Every scene is changing and becomes a story all on its own (and yes I know this was based on a collection of short stories), but it never loses its fluidity. Such as the scene that matches up all the talk up till then in to an argument about Victor Franco and how horrible experiences can still have a positive effect on a person. At least to me, you soon start watching just for those interviews. Her subjects become just as interesting to the viewer as it does to her. Each one is different, unique even, and contain their own varied history and personalities, but what I enjoyed most out of these characters were that they were truly believable. Well that's my take on this movie and I hope you do not watch this with your significant other, and enjoy.

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