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Sunday, November 7, 2010


If someone were to ask me to name some of my favorite foods, donuts would most certainly be on the list. So when I read about the Doughnut To-Go, I was entertained. It looked great, but not like something I would bother getting. Needless to say, when I went onto Strapya-World (one of my absolute favorite places to buy random, wonderful Japanese things) and saw that they had them for pre-order, I was ecstatic, and it immediately found it's place in my Strapya wish list.

If you haven't already heard about it, Doughnut To-Go is a handy little case that keeps a single donut fresh and warm. They are also microwavable (thus I presume they are also dishwasher safe)...and lockable. There are 2 holes on either side in which you can fit a standard padlock around. If you only lock one side, the case can be opened just enough to see the donut, but not fish it out effectively. They come in frog green, pony brown, puppy white and bunny pink (frog green and bunny pink being my personal favorites).

The only flaws with the design are:

  1. Since it has a little dip in the middle of both sides of the case, you can't put a jelly or boston creme donut in it without puncturing it
  2. If you only lock one side, it still opens enough that an evil person can poison your precious donut (note: I may be paranoid, but it is good to be aware of such possibilities)
This will be perfect for whenever I go to Tim Horton's and order a donut. I don't need to ask for a bag, I can just give them my handy-dandy Doughnut To-Go, and tell them to put it in that instead. It's perfection; a product that is both environmentally and appetite friendly.

However, seeing as this is a Japanese product, and is therefore, produced for the Japanese consumer with the dimensions of a Japanese donut in mind, I wonder if it can accommodate an American donut? Are Japanese donuts smaller? Or is donut sizing universal?

Either way, I will be purchasing this fine creation in the near future.

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