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Friday, March 16, 2012


Every North American "otaku" worth their salt knows that 4Kids bastardizes great anime*. They've single handedly turned the art of localization into a joke; 4Kids is the reason why most of us turn our noses up to dubbed anime.

A commonly cited example of this would be One Piece. 

However, I will have to give them a bit of credit...they did do one thing that I liked (and only one).

The first opening theme to 4Kids' One Piece dub was (like every other edit they provided) completely unnecessary, yet unlike their other changes, entirely awesome. When I was a kid and woke up early on Saturday mornings, I would shout along with it.

Listening to it now, waves of nostalgia wash over me, and damn it, it still goes hard. 

*Thankfully, they seem to have some respect for American cartoons; TMNT was great.

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