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Saturday, September 3, 2011


Now I know a blog that's spent a majority of its content commenting and critiquing anime & manga was a new and original idea, and many will be disappointed that its gone, but never fear as this is just a hiatus. Yes that's right a hiatus, as schools right around the corner and unfortunately Shinji and I will be concentrating on school work (more or less) until the next summer break, blogging as a hobby will have to take a back seat to life. We'll still be trying to post every now and again, especially around the holidays, but until either of us gets some real free time, this blog will be a bit bare bones for some time (nothing new right?).

Lastly I thank you all for visiting and checking in and reading our posts, and even more to those who have spread the good word of the Blaku (speaking to you Khalid Birdsong, http://friedchickenandsushi.com/).

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