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Monday, October 25, 2010

Geeks Becoming Main Stream

Nothing new to most of you. But to those who haven't been aware of it for the past few years, think back at least two three years and recall all the television and movies you've enjoyed. Now narrow that train of thought to how geeks are being portrayed. And finally compare that to, oh say, just twelve or even twenty years ago. The two best examples I can muster up would be the song "when geeks will rule the world" from 'Scratch & Burn', and most notably 'The Big Bang Theory' (I ain't touching Glee after the whole GQ magazine ordeal). Now some may get a little prissy about every one joining in on their once exclusive sub-culture. But hell it always happens, eventually the cool kids want to know whats up with all the other so called un-cool kids. There is an economic aspect no doubt, a sub-culture with no real look (besides the stink of vintage comics and models) almost squandering as much money on comics and gundam models as norms  spend on clothes. But it would never have picked up if there wasn't some interest generated, even if its a little poser-ish. But as I said it always happens it's only a matter of time. Think back to rebels, goths, and to other mainly music inspired movements. And now its the geeks turn. I once asked someone when does a sub-culture become main stream, and its still the best answer I got. "When others outside of that culture realize their there own unique group and eventually label them, after that it'll follow a cycle in which it soon turns to what its against and loses its originality". He also said that sub-cultures as small as these don't usually survive after massive growth or for long periods of time. But for those hard core geeks, don't worry, geeks will eventually become a mediocre group once again (freckled face or not) in some basement having a game tournament with a stack of comics before them as they breath in the musty recycled air surrounded by a cement castle discussing obscure comic characters and their what if scenarios. And good luck to you all.

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